How it works

  1. Input "Destination", "Occasions", "Type" as your needs.

  2. Choose your favorite clothes and select your size. (Items have to be returned the day after the pick-up date. Currently, we only accept one-night usage.)

  3. Input the date you pick up the items. Return date is automatically set to the next day. Also, select the hotel where you pick up and return the booked items

  4. Confirm if the address of your staying hotel is correct. If not, please go back to the previous page and re-enter the hotel. If you are test monitor, please enter "BRINGO-MONITOR" as discount code.
  5. Select "Standard" as Shipping method. Currently, shipping fee is free!!

  6. Check your order information and input your payment information.

  7. That's all. Just pick up and leave booked items at your hotel. Enjoy your trip!!